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The Process

Planning - Identifying your requirements

First of all we need to establish the goals for your website design project, its objectives and the timescales involved. In order to facilitate a good planning process we shall need to discuss the following topics:

This planning process will enable Design Thirteen to identify the exact requirements for your web project.


Web Wireframe

From the planning process we are able to produce a wireframe (text only visual). This is a representation of the site in terms of navigation and actions, to identify entry and exit points (links to pages) the customer will experience on each page of the site. This will ensure that the needs of your customers are met on every page of you website.

Illustrative Design

We will produce some illustrative designs that will be based on the information provided from the initial planning process. These designs will be produced in a jpeg format and can be discussed and refined.


Once you give us the 'green light' we can start to code your website. Implement the site design, add copy text, graphics and functionality. Depending on which solution was chosen at the planning stage, we can provide design images & photos and provide copywriters to contribute to the site.


Were nearly there! At Design Thirteen we shall ensure that all pages function as per brief and that content is accessible via different web browsers, screen sizes and the most popular operating systems. Design Thirteen validate the code to the W3C standards.

Design Thirteen will be able to make minor changes prior to the site going live.


Go, go go! Once you are happy with your brand spanking new website it's time to publish to the two billion internet users. Data from

At Design Thirteen we can organise to submit your website files to your server or hosting company. Alternatively, if you don't have a current hosting company or if it's all too geeky we can take care of this for you.


Depending on what was agreed at the planning stage. Design Thirteen can organise for training to be given on the relevant CMS system or alternatively we can implement a simple maintenance contract for a set period, which will cover any ongoing amendments you require for your website.

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