HTML E-mailers Portfolio

Examples of hand coded HTML Emailers

Various hand-coded HTML e-mailers

The above images are an example of the range of work we have conducted for a variety of London Design Agencies. Artwork from BeCreative & Stillwater-design.

We have undertaken e-mail campaigns specialised for high profile property marketing. This type of HTML e-mail campaign facility is also common across many industries, e-commerce and other promotions.

We can offer the following services:

  • Hand-code the HTML to your bespoke design from a high resolution PDF supplied by your approved Design Agency or we can arrange the artwork for you if you prefer.
  • Test the mailer to ensure that it renders correctly in all the popular email packages e.g Outlook, Mac Mail.
  • Manage the mailing campaign to ensure it complies with the CAN-SPAM Act, mailings must have an opt-out option as a minimum. By using professional software such as Campaign Monitor to manage the campaign, we can ensure that the campaign runs smoothly and doesn't end up in spam boxes.

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