Site Accessibility

This website has been designed to ensure that as many people can access this site as possible

We have designed this site to embrace the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines with the ultimate W3C goal of 'Web for everyone'.   This sets out to achieve maximum accessibility.

The site has also been evaluated using Wave.webaim a web accessibility evaluation tool.

Navigation - Keyboard shortcuts

We have endeavoured to use the UK Government recommendation for access keys with some adaptations. The access keys are:

Contact Us form - Keyboard shortcuts

The form can be navigated by using the tab key to move to the next input box.

How to increase the text size

We have designed this site so that you can increase the text size to suit your needs. Just press Ctrl + (plus) to increase the size and Ctrl – (minus), to decrease the size if you are using a Windows machine. For Mac users the same can be achieved using cmd key + (plus) or – (minus) on the keyboard, or you can use Safari's 'View' menu, then select the 'make text bigger or make text smaller' option which will achieve the same result.

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