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Website Design Portfolio

The project involved designing, building a new website and creating a new brand:

  • Acquire and advise regarding a suitable domain name
  • Produce 3 different mock-up site designs
  • Include Javascript Slideshow and Google Map API functionality
  • The site has a responsive design so can be viewed using various devices, ipad, desktop. The site scales so that whatever device you are using it's viewable
  • Contact form uses PHP and Javascript to ensure greater usability and security
  • Create new logo
  • Create artwork for new business cards and organise printing
  • Organise copywriter for site content
  • Create photos in a web compatible format
  • Hosting, server set-up, Email address set-up, analytics reporting (monthly), add to Google Places and SE submission

Grainger House

The project involved building a new website:

  • Acquiring the domain name
  • Hand code bespoke site from high quality PDF Mock-up's supplied from Client BeCreative
  • Code CSS Menu to include hover effects and different colour scheme
  • Include Javascript Slideshow
  • 1 week turnaround to test site
  • Hosting, server set-up and SE submission

North Sheen Bowling Club

This project consisted of designing and building a new website.

  • Domain name advice
  • The client needed to amend fixture lists and results on a regular basis so we incorporated an easy to use CMS system - PageLime which also has a great iphone app for changes on the move which the client uses
  • Integration of Flickr photos using Adobe Flash Player
  • Provided s selection of website mock designs using Adobe Fireworks
  • Header banner design and illustration using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Contact form coded with PHP and Javascript functionality
  • Google map using API functionality
  • Designing the advertisers banner ads
  • Photographs taken of the site
  • Hosting, Email address set-up and Analytics Reports (Monthly)


"We had no idea where to start. You listened to our ideas and provided us with a fantastic website. We are really pleased with the results and have been complimented on its design and style - Thankyou Designthirteen."

North Sheen Bowling Club

Purrfectly Content

This project consisted of designing and building a brand new website.

  • The client requested that small sections of the site might need to be updated at some stage, so we needed included an easy to use CMS system - PageLime to enable this
  • Header banner design and illustration using Adobe Illustrator
  • Provided a selection of website mock designs using Adobe Fireworks
  • Provided Domain name purchase advice
  • Google map to include circle with fixed area of operation
  • Red-eye removal on cat photos using photoshop
  • Hosting and Analytics Reports (Monthly)
  • Coded using HTML 5


"I was very pleased with the experience of working with Design Thirteen, Rachel was always there to answer any questions and would talk through all the technical sides for putting the website together - the logo that appears on my website, Purrfectly Content was designed by Rachel and I was very pleased with the overall outcome of all aspects of the website.
I would definitely recommend Design Thirteen to anyone looking at getting a website designed."

Jo Turner, Purrfectly Content

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